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January 20, 2011


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First of all, I apologize for not answering your comments. But I thank you for your concern.

I started doing the reviews because it was fun.

But it's not fun anymore.


I just... I don't enjoy Naruto in general. I could make fun of the crazy before because I loved this manga. Yeah, it's not the best out there, but I enjoyed it. And I loved the fandom, even with all the crazy.

I'll still read the manga, I'll probably read it till the end, but... the love is gone. I'm sorry :(

I read every comment and it makes me very happy to know that people enjoyed these reviews. And I thank you all, because it wouldn't have been as fun without you.

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dragonbeast99 Apr 17, 2011
Hey there. I know this is an old journal but it seemed the most appropriate that I say what I wanted to say here since I noticed some things.

Understandable you quit Naruto but I'm just glad you aren't like so many people who quit it and then started using all of SJ's other series to bash it like One Piece. I noticed that you have a lot of Batman and other western comic heroes in your favs now and I'm happy to see that there is someone else who has goes both ways now. I started doing the same thing but mostly because my passion of anime in general is dying due to how much quarreling there is amongst the fans over whats best and what isn't. The anime community just doesn't seem all that friendly anymore.

I've seen a couple of your latest submmissions and I promise to get to them soon because you are one of the few people that I am actually really excited to see update on here and its nice to see that you added in more variation to your gallery other than Naruto.

So tell me, are you more DC or Marvel now that you've started to turn back west (or north since you are in Argentina^^;). Ever hear of Image Comics? If not, I highly recommend that you look into them.
I am very disappointed in Naruto and I admit I've been pretty harsh in my criticism. Not here, but in forums. I'm trying to stop this, but I loved this manga so much I guess I can't help it. I just want to move on and remember the good times. :(

I've always loved comics, but something just... clicked recently. I've always been a big Batman fan, but it's been hard to follow all the timelines and universes and people dying and coming back to life XD

Sadly, I can relate. Is not that I hate anime, is that nowadays few series make me want to be active in fandom. I've been involved in fandoms for a long time and while the wank and hate is not new, I've noticed that it's more... widespread? I don't know. It doesn't help that most anime/manga is so similar these days.

DC is my favourite, Big Bat family lover. Though I like Marvel too.

I do know Image Comics! Spawn was one of my first comics. :)

Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it!
dragonbeast99 Apr 17, 2011
Again I'm not surprised. I still consider myself a Narutard but not to the point that my heart breaks when I hear about people I know on here or in person dumping it. I know what you mean, its hard to let go of the manga.I personally still find the manga fulfilling (I always read the update of it before OP or Bleach)but it feels like a guilty pleasure because so many people hate these days. But hey, there are always new series out there. My focus now has shifted from Naruto to Kekaishi now and days.

I used to read them too as a kid, fell out due to forgetting about them, the shonen fandom wars broke out so I headed back west. What clicked for me is all the events that unraveled while I was gone. From the death of Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker selling his soul to the devil, Al Simmons going from anti-hero to all out villain in the Spawn series, and so many other things.

Hellz yeah:headbang:! Batman is the shit! Fuck all the haters! Bats still gots it! I've been able to follow around fairly well. Though the last I left off was God-knows-where and I had to read a time line of the cannon series(YES, there is such a thing).

I don't really look for similarities or anything like that. Its the people who are in the fandom that I can't stand. Even at my anime club in college, I can't say what series I enjoy without being criticized for it. It either you're with the group or you're not. My club pres and vp are almost completely anti-shonen so whenever I talk about a series or suggest something for next year's anime line up its always a :iconfacepalmplz:. This has just lead me to see a lot of flaws in Japanese anime and manga which in turn kills my passion for anime/manga and the Japanese culture but also come to the conclusion (feel free to argue with me on this, I'm willing to hear another opinion) that the Japanese are still far behind in the making and development of comics in comparison to the west.

Yes! Another fellow Battard! Marvel is cool but it just doesn't seem to have that certain quality to it that DC gives the audience.

Hooray! Someone actually knows about Image Comics! They are seriously underrated these days (and in some ways even surpass DC and Marvel). Glad to hear there is another Spawn fan out there! Have you caught up on that yet? Its just gone past 200 issues and is currently on 203 if I remember correctly.

You are very welcome. I hope to actually comment and fav some of your latest stuff once exams are over as well as do the same for so many other artists I haven't given my respects to in a long time.
Totally understand, girl. It was double fun with you when I read it. I follow it once in a while these days (they won't show Naruto -______-) but the awesome memories remain. <3 thank you
Do what makes you happy:)
Life is crazy like that and the manga has lost its magic (lately when I actually have time i end up reading girlie manga like Maid Sama...>_>) I am determined to finish naruto though just because its been such a trip and i met so many friends because of it.
Well, I agree that the manga has lost some of its magic, and some of the essence that made it fun to parody.

However, I believe that's because Kishimoto is really bad with these cluster war arcs. >.>; I still like the manga, but it needs to get back into the character development, and needs to stop jumping from scene to scene so much.

However, never forget all the good times we've had with the manga up till now, even if you've lost love for the current. (b^^)b Every manga is like mashed potatoes - gotta take the lumps from the good.
...ignore the second 'however', it's like 3 AM and I was tired at the time of posting. >.>;
TimKai Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Do what you love, but only so long as it is something that you love.

That is the perfect way to live life.

It was a lot of fun reading these every week.

Take care of yourself! ^_^
giirrrll you need to get on ontd more often you are one of my favs. I always in the closet liked naruto but now I could give a rats ass. It just keeps dragging on and I don't care anymore. I always liked the character designs though. Who the fuck doesn't like that pink with that green eyes. then the red that is a good color sheme I wear it all the time. Ugh what is my life with this comment
I second this ...youd think it would be a weird combo but its perfect.
You know who esle has/ had a kick ass color scheme Tsunade before she became jacket and all that.
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